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Let the young voices be heard!

ONS Young is the arena for the young, by the young – where we explain energy and challenge the industry. In 2022 we are shaking things up by growing bigger and changing location! This year ONS Young will be held in DNB-arena, with more activities, speakers, and fun than ever before. We welcome over 70+ speakers to our ONS Young events alone and include five target groups that all have their own events. See below to find where you fit in!

The energy industry is in a constant state of development and it is vital that the young voice is loud and clear in this transition. At ONS Young you will learn how to challenge the status quo, develop your career and network, as well as learn more about what issues need solutions within the fields of climate change, society, the energy industry, politics, and geopolitics. We want YOU to set your mark on ONS and welcome you to start your ambitions to become future leaders and make your voice heard.

The industry needs young energy!

The idea behind ONS Young is to:
  • Create an arena where ALL young people can see how energy, climate change and technology relate to them
  • Show and promote the diversity of the energy industry
  • Create an important meeting place for the next generation of leaders
  • Inspire new people to choose an education within science
  • Promote career opportunities in the energy sector and beyond
  • Give the young professionals in the industry a valuable network arena
  • Create an arena for dialogue, discussion and to challenge the industry
  • Bring the young voices forward

The perfect place to kick-start your career – or take it to the next level.

Young Professionals' Arena

Wednesday 31 August -
16:00-19:00, Hall 10, DNB Arena
-  The event is for young professionals
under the age of 35 
We at ONS know the importance of good professional relationships. At this conference arena you will get a chance to expand your network, and learn how to use it while being introduced to conversation starting topics.
From our three stages, you can pick and choose between speakers like:
  • Mario Mehren, CEO, Wintershall Dea
  • Nadia Martin Wiggen, Partner, Pareto Securities
  • Leslie Dewan, CEO, Radiant Nano
  • Anja Bakken Riise, Leader, Framtiden i våre hender
  • and many more!
There will be served food and drinks included in the ticket, all framed by a relaxing and informal atmosphere. Networking and music go hand in hand and after the Young Professionals Arena in DNB arena is over, we go down to the Stavanger Harbour together to attend ONS+ with its Main Concert (Main artist is Highasakite), discussions and after-parties. WELCOME! 
PS: ask your employer to cover this ticket, most do 😉
Programme for the Young Professionals arena
Register here (note that the Young Professionals Arena ticket is an “add-on” ticket, meaning you need to have access to the ONS area already, e.g. an “Exhibition Ticket”. The required access can be purchased via the button.
Young Professionals also get 50% off day passes to the ONS Conference. 

University Day

Monday 29 August –
09:30-16:00, Hall 10, DNB Arena

Tomorrow's leaders and innovators are young students today

The energy industry offers endless possibilities all around the globe. At University Day we have gathered over 30 talented speakers with valuable input to your future career choice. Learn how the topics of sustainability, energy, technology, and leadership relate to you. Meet industry leaders, inspirational speakers, and young professionals in the energy industry and academia to network and gain knowledge to shape your future. And remember, you don’t need any pre-existing knowledge to benefit from joining University Day– all students from all study areas are welcome.

  • Catered to all Students of higher education (no age limit)
  • The free student ticket gives you access to the ONS Exhibition, Technical Sessions, Net Zero Markets, Scale-Ups Arena & Centre Court all four days (August 29.-September 1.), in addition to your very own University Day Monday, August 29th.
  • We also have a main, high-level conference. Here, students get a 50% discount on all Conference day passes. Note that the Full-Week conference pass is not discounted.
  • Enjoy concerts, debates and relaxed networking in the afternoons and evenings of the ONS week at ONS+ in downtown Stavanger – free of charge for all students (and everyone else too).


We want you to have the best day possible at University Day. Pick and choose from our three main stages during University Day, each with its own main topic and 10+ speakers:

  1. What does it take to get to net zero? Here, we want to concretize what issues need to be resolved in order to get to a net-zero carbon future. Ranging from battery technology to food and the UN sustainability goals, we introduce you to actual solutions inspiring you to create the next one.
  2. Do we trust each other? TRUST is the Main Theme of ONS 2022. Trust is something you earn, as well as something you give. What is the energy industry doing to be trusted? Does the word “Sustainability” have a meaning anymore? What is the Norwegian government doing to gain trust in the world as an energy nation? Put your trust to the test.
  3. Shaping our future. Let us show you what tools you already have and how you can prepare yourself even more to shape your own future. Whether it’s improving your networking skills, getting involved in climate activism, or sparking your leadership ambitions – this is the place.

No need to wonder, meet your future employer, share ideas and challenge the established at ONS 2022 and University Day. With a mix of stage content and an interactive ONS Young Lounge packed with activities and partner companies ready to meet you. Bring your friends, your student association and make ONS 2022 an experience you will never forget!

Teachers' Classroom

We want teachers and advisors to be able to update their knowledge on needed skills, the future of work and possibilities in the energy industry. That’s why we invite all teachers, principals and advisors from lower and upper secondary school to come to ONS for free.

Here is how it works:
  • We suggest that you come to “University Day” (Monday August 29th) if you want a broad introduction to the topics of ONS Young, get updates on the energy industry, talk to academia (UiS, NTNU and BI will be present), and also young professionals from the energy industry. See the programme for University Day here. This programme requires no previous knowledge of the industry.
  • By registering for your Teachers ticket, you also gain access to ONS similar to an “Exhibition Ticket”. Explore our ONS Exhibition, Scale Ups Arena, Technical Sessions, Centre Court, Net Zero Markets and ONS+ for free all four days.
  • High School teachers that have students joining “Future Students Days” can join their students in attending.

Our hope is to teach you as an educator about the various opportunities in the energy industry, so you are better equipped to provide pupils with accurate information when offering study and career guidance.

Future Students' Days

Tuesday 30 August & Wednesday 31 August
– time dependent on granted timeslot
  • Students at upper secondary school are invited to Future Students’ Days
  • If your school would like to attend, please contact the Project Manager for ONS Young 2022, mille@ons.no
  • The programme will be held in Norwegian and is free
  • Teachers are welcome to accompany their students

We are excited to welcome high school students to ONS during Future Students Days, for free. When entering a time in life full of decisions regarding your future, we know that information is key. At ONS Young pupils are invited to explore different energy and climate-related topics, meet young professionals in the industry, as well as academia (UiS, NTNU, BI will be present). Learn how the topics of sustainability, energy, technology, and leadership relate to you. Meet industry leaders, inspirational speakers, and young professionals in the energy industry and academia and gain knowledge to shape your future. And remember, you don’t need any pre-existing knowledge to benefit from joining Future Students Days!

Here is how the day is set up:
  1. Upon arrival, students are welcomed on the second floor of Hall 10/DNB Arena – our very own VIP Young entrance!
  2. Students are divided into groups of 100 and divided across our three stages
  3. Here, the students will sit in the audience for 45 minutes while being introduced to three topics, via three speakers. Students in different stages will experience different content, sparking interesting conversations between students later on.
  4. After the first 45 minutes, students are invited to explore our ONS Young Activity Lounge. Here are a multitude of activities, technology displays, young professionals open for questions, quizzes, and students of higher education sharing their experiences.
  5. Both before and after your timeslot in the ONS Young area, teachers are welcome to bring their classes out in the ONS Exhibition to explore further, as the tickets grant access to the overall ONS area.
Teachers – look here

Teachers are responsible to register their students for this event. Schools are invited, as well as reaching out to secure their spot. If you have not been contacted and would like for your students to attend, contact mille@ons.no. These tickets will also give access to visit the Exhibition afterward.

Young Innovation Camp

Thursday 1 September -
08:00 - 14:30, Clarion Hotel Energy

The energy industry is full of challenges - Young people are full of solutions

Middle school students are invited in collaboration with Ung Entreprenørskap Rogaland to make their mark on ONS 2022 during Young Innovation Camp. The pupils will work in groups on a solution to a given problem based on the ONS 2022 Main Theme TRUST and present their idea. A jury of engaged participants from partner companies and ONS Young will select the groups with the best solution, and prizes will be handed out
  • UE invites schools to participate to kick-off the student-business programme continued later on in the school year
The result is a high energy event filled with passion, creativity and young voices.

Questions about ONS Young?

Mille Marie Isaksen
Project Manager, Young
+47 90 77 46 61

Special offers on Conference tickets

When you register for ONS Young as a student or young professional, you’ll get access to Technical sessions, Scale-up arena, Centre Court and Net Zero Markets. To access the ONS Conference we have special offers on tickets. Check out the link below and book your ticket!