Energized! The importance of young voices at ONS

Cathrine Johanne Sønvisen, Project Manager at Sopra Steria, believes in youth and diversity in the energy sector, and explains how she hopes to use her role in the ONS Young Committee to create a meeting place for young people in the energy sector.

The ONS Young Committee at their first meeting. From the left: Siri Hjelt Salvesen, Janette Rossland, Mille Marie Isaksen, Connie Wergeland, Beate Triantafilidis, Cathrine Johanne Sønvisen, Andreas Enoksen Berg, Hamse Awale, Magnus Ueland, Fahad Iqbal and Anne Pedersen.


“ONS is a fantastic platform for the industry to come together and share ideas. It’s an event that I always look forward to attending”, says Cathrine Johanne Sønvisen, Project manager in Sopra Steria and leader of the ONS Young Committee.

For Sønvisen, what stands out most about ONS is the energy, both literally and figuratively. “The energy sector is constantly evolving, and the conference is a great platform for stakeholders to come together, share ideas and build partnerships. The fact that so many people from different backgrounds and age groups come together in one place creates a unique atmosphere that fosters cooperation, engagement, and the sharing of ideas,” she explains.

Raising awareness

As the leader of ONS Young Committee, Sønvisen hopes to use her position to help raise awareness about the importance of young people in the industry. 

“We need to create an arena where young people can relate to the possibilities and challenges that lie ahead. By facilitating opportunities for young people to interact, listen, and learn from the industry as a whole, we can encourage more young people to engage with the energy sector and help shape its future.”

Sopra Steria sees ONS as an important event to showcase their expertise and values. “For us, ONS is an excellent opportunity to promote our mission of guiding customers, partners, and employees towards bold choices and transformation by leveraging digital technology to build a positive future for all,” Sønvisen says. 

“We want to inspire others to think beyond their current limitations and enable them to utilize technology in the best possible way.”

Looking ahead to ONS 2024, Sønvisen hopes to see more young people and women represented at the conference. “Diversity is crucial to the growth and evolution of the energy sector, and there is still more work to be done to ensure that all voices are heard. I also hope to see more collaboration between companies that might have seemed unlikely partners a decade ago. By working together, companies can pool their resources and knowledge to create innovative solutions that benefit everyone,” she concludes.


The Young Committee is one of many working to create ONS 2024. Check out the rest of the unique set of professionals and thought leaders that make up the ONS 2024 committees here.

Cathrine Johanne Sønvisen

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