Webinar: Do we trust each other?

This is an ONS Young digital conference held in cooperation with Stavanger Chamber of Commerce.

Generations talk a lot about each other and express expectations, but less often do they actually come together in dialogue. ONS and the Stavanger Chamber of Commerce want to challenge this and create arenas for generations to discuss and find solutions together.
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With the new ONS 2022 Main Theme “TRUST” as a foundation, we asked a selection of business players, as well as young voices, to speak up and meet on Tuesday June 8th at 18:30 CET.
In this after-work event, you will hear from:
Kyrre Knudsen, Chief Economist, SR-bank)
Jan Narvestad,  Managing Director, Rosenberg Worley
Benedicte Middelthon, Regional Coordinator and Market Advisor, DNB
Nadine Ramsberg, Designer and Board member, Webstep
Fredrik Myklebust Iversen, Student Representative, UiS

as well as a student audience joining online.

Mille Marie Isaksen, Project Manager Young, ONS
Hanne Hernes, Intern, Stavanger Chamber of Commerce

Register for the conference here.