Together about it!

One day to go for ONS 2020 Goes Digital

It´s less than a day to go before launch, and we´re so excited to present a quality programme for ONS 2020 Goes Digital, with the latest energy insights from around the world.

Although it´s in another format, ONS 2020 Goes Digital presents a tremendous cross section of feature interviews and reportages from around the energy world. The Norwegian Prime Minister, Erna Solberg, is one out of 55 people in a top range gallery who has contributed with their time and knowledge to the programme.

In her opening speech Monday at 11:00 (CEST), PM Solberg refers to the ONS 2020 theme; Together and the importance of global cooperation – both in terms of overcoming the pandemic, but also to solve our common climate challenges.

Togetherness has grown on all of us during a COVID-19, which is forcing people around the world into social distancing. However, we´ve never been more dependent on electricity and access to the world´s energy sources. To charge your mobile phone and laptop, to stay in touch with your friends, family and not least your employer. And, to secure the most important welfare necessities in a period of uncertain. We´ve never before felt such dependance on access to energy, still, we seldom think about it directly. We take it for granted.

Access to energy immediately starts getting another value of the public discussion when we bring climate into it. Companies and nations around the world are fortunately picking up speed in terms of securing clean energy, but growing nationalism is a threat. The Norwegian Prime Minister, Erna Solberg, is therefore pledging Together as a success criterion to overcome the biggest threat of human lifetime, climate change.

Corporate responsibility
The very first speaker in our opening programme is Manoelle Lepoutre of Total. She is also the Chair of the ONS Conference Committee. Her definition of Together follows the same lines as PM Erna Solberg, although her definition is seen from an energy operator´s point of view:

“As energy companies we have a responsibility to work together with governments, industries, companies and individuals to ensure access to clean, affordable and reliable energy for the world´s population. We also have a social responsibility, and together we need to make commitments to corporate citizenship and future generations in communities and regions where we operate.”

Insight and knowledge
At ONS 2020 Goes Digital you will get insights and knowledge from top experts and leaders on how we´re going to reach these goals. Only Together will we make it, so please be inspired with our theme video of 2020, while we count down for Monday 31 August 11:00 (CEST).