Today’s Highlights

Digitalisation, corporate venturing and investments in climate equals are three out of several key drivers in the emergence of future clean energy initiatives. Check out our resilient and future looking final day of ONS 2020 Goes Digital.

In her interview with ONS Digital today, Siri Kalvig, CEO of Nysnø Climate Investments, said: “The Norwegian oil industry has its part in creating a climate problem. However, the same industry has equipped us with special abilities and superpowers to fight climate change”.

This quote paves the way for today´s topics which are featuring key people from the world of energy looking at instruments required to reach a greener energy future, and not least the obstacles we´ll have to fight along the way. The impact of COVID 19 in the energy transition is superbly explained by Liv Hoem, CEO Oil & Gas at DNV GL. If you want to learn more about this, please set your eyes on 9 September for DNV GL´s virtual event presenting their Energy Transition Outlook.

If you haven´t had time to see our final day programme, don´t worry; it´s all here. Check in via our easy access registration page and get inspired through watching today´s programme and all the other interviews presented this week. The archive will continue to be available on our main page www.ons.no and through our brand-new new knowledge hub; theenergyagenda.com

It´s been av a year of changes for many reasons, however, ONS 2020 Goes Digital has gained us a lot of new experiences that we´ll use on the road to ONS 2022.

We hope you´ve been informed, entertained and inspired through these three digital days together with us. And, we truly hope to see you in person when we invite you to our main event in Stavanger, 29 August to 1 September 2022.