The Innovation Award Portal!

The Innovation Award portal is now open! This award is known as a door opener and unique marketing opportunity in the energy industry. It has been a high-profile distinction in the energy industry since 1982.

Nominate your candidate

While the portal is open you can nominate your candidate. The submissions are completely confidential and are only seen by the Innovation Awards Jury. This jury will closely assess all entries and make sure the nominee meets the criteria. The finalists will present their innovation at the ONS Technical Sessions before the winners are announced at the Conference.

What are we looking for?​

As the energy industry grows and changes, there is a demand for better solutions to replace and improve current value chains. We want to encourage inventors, operators, entrepreneurs, suppliers and contractors to nominate their projects and ideas. Through the Innovation Awards they are able to promote their ideas and solutions to the broad, international energy industry.

To make room for as many great ideas and technology as possible, we have the Innovation Award and the SME Innovation Award. This is to make sure that small and medium sized enterprises are also given the chance to highlight their new developments.
Innovation Award winner 2018

Previous Innovation Award winners

Blue Logic
“The Innovation Award has provided TRUST in our technology, and we have received a lot of interest from companies world-wide”, says Sverre Helge Eide co-founder of Blue Logic. “Now the companies are contacting us to test our innovation – and not the other way around”. Blue Logic won the SME Innovation Award in 2020 for their seabed installed universal docking station for drones.
Northern Lights
“When the Innovation Award was presented approximately 70 persons were working on Northern Lights”, explains Børre Jacobsen Managing Director of Northern Lights. “Today we have about 150 persons working for the Joint Venture and the project organization”. Northern Lights won the Innovation Award in 2020 for their Longship Project where they are committed to storing 1,5 million tons of CO2.

Portal closed 19 May

The portal for nominations closed 19 May. This will give the jury enough time to assess all projects submitted in detail and choose their finalist by June. Don’t miss this opportunity to be seen and make your impact on the energy industry!