The energy security power contest – podcast and video from ONS 2022

How is the Russian invasion of Ukraine disrupting the European energy markets and what can we expect in the coming years as a result? Can we reach our climate goals and also have energy security? Will the energy transition stagnate in a European energy market in crisis? What will this mean in a global scale?

This and much more is discussed in the highly relevant ONS Conference session with Meghan L. O´Sullivan, Jason Bordoff and Narendra Taneja. See the video below or download the panel discussion as a podcast!

The Energy Security Power Contest

In the session “The Energy Security Power Contest” we discussed global markets, their positioning while conflicts unfold, post-covid and the push for an immediate energy transition. The speakers in this session are experts from all parts of the world, with experience that has given them unique perspectives and valuable insights.

For this panel debate O’Sullivan, Bordoff and Taneja are bringing us their views from years of experience in global politics from the US and India. They share their thoughts on what they think will happen next, how we got to where we are today and if there is light at the end of the tunnel. 

Meghan L. O'Sullivan

Meghan L. O’Sullivan is the Jeane Kirkpatrick Professor of the Practice of International Affairs at Harvard University’s Kennedy School. She is also a Partner at Macro Advisory Partners. She has broad experience in government, business, diplomacy, and academia specializing in foreign policy and national security, energy markets and the transition to a net-zero global economy.

Jason Bordoff

Jason Bordoff is the co-Founding Dean of the Columbia Climate School, Founding Director of the Center on Global Energy Policy, and Professor of Professional Practice in International and Public Affairs at Columbia University. Bordoff is a leading expert in energy and climate policy, and has worked for President Obama, the UN and is a frequent commentator and writer for international publishers.

Narendra Taneja

Narendra Taneja is the Chairman of the Independent Energy Policy Institute and Founder President of World Energy Policy Summit. He is rated as India’s top expert on national and international energy issues, as well as a thinker, politician and TV debater and conversationist on topics like energy policy, diplomacy, geopolitics, security and energy poverty and empowerment.

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