The sun always shines on ONS

We are very excited and honoured to have solar power companies as a major part of both the ONS programme and exhibition this August. Maybe there’s a chance for sunny weather as well?
Solar panels installed in Norway. Photo: Einar Aslaksen/Pudder Agency

“You know solar power is quite uncomplicated, and it can really contribute with a lot of power production”, says Inger Strand, Head of Business Strategy & Development in the Norwegian Solar Energy Cluster.

She is very excited to bring with her several solar companies to ONS, both as exhibitors and as speakers and part of the Net Zero Market arena.

“We have never been at ONS before. But we recognize ONS’ standing in the energy industry, and we see great potential for tapping into the network found there,” Strand explains.

Inger Strand in the Norwegian Solar Energy Cluster. Photo: Private

First time for everything!

It is the first time we see solar companies at ONS, and it also the first time solar power has its own dedicated programme.

“For us in ONS it is important to bring solar power in as part of the bigger picture and the whole energy mix. Solar power has great potential and will in many cases and geographies be the best and cheapest way to produce electricity”, says Leif Johan Sevland, CEO and President of ONS Foundation.

Solar energy will make up a great part of the ONS Net Zero Markets programme, and among the topics will be:

• Solar Energy – the role and development in the future energy system
• Solar Energy – relevant for Norway and the Nordics?
• Solar energy – R&D and new technologies
• + more

The Norwegian Solar Energy Cluster and partners will be located in Hall 1, in the Lounge between the Net Zero Markets and Technical Sessions stages.

For solar programme: Choose date, arena (Net Zero Markets) and filter for solar.

A short overview of the ONS Solar power programme:



Solar Energy - Role and development in the future energy systems



Solar Energy - relevant for Norway and the Nordics


International ambitions and markets seen from the industry



Solar Energy - R&D and new technologies


Building a supply and logistic chain for Solar Energy in the Nordics and Europe