Meet our Offshore Wind Committee – is the answer to the energy transformation blowing in the wind?

For ONS 2024 we have gathered more than 20 industry experts in the ONS Offshore Wind Committee. We are proud to have with us members representing the different areas and a Chair that has extensive knowledge of the energy industry.

Chair, ONS Offshore Wind Committee

Name: Holger Matthiesen
Company: Mainstream Renewable Power, an Aker Horizons company 
Title: SVP Offshore Wind Development Europe and Global New Markets 
Country: Germany/Norway 

"ONS is and will be an excellent networking event for stakeholders and industry leaders in Europe and globally. ONS underlines Norway’s ambition to be a global energy leader."

Holger Matthiesen

Creating the programme for ONS Net Zero Markets:

As ONS 2024 approaches, the insights shared by Holger Matthiesen reflect the growing significance of offshore wind development and collaboration in the energy sector.

“I hope, through my involvement, to continue to influence and ensure the full representation of renewables on the agenda with a particular focus on offshore wind.” He further explained, “My primary interest is that of offshore wind development and the role of green electrons from offshore wind as a facilitator and a link to many other green value chains.”

Expressing his expectations for ONS 2024, Matthiesen said, “I hope we see strong and constructive dialogue between the industry and authorities in shaping the energy industry into the future. It would be great to see panels with representatives from several industry segments and countries.” He emphasized the collaborative nature of the energy transition, stating, “The energy transition is a global challenge that requires a joint effort by the broad group of industry players.”

Shaping the Energy Dialogue: Matthiesen's Expectations for ONS 2024

Holger Matthiesen’s insights shed light on ONS as a driving force in accelerating the renewable energy revolution. 

“By bridging the gap between traditional and sustainable energy sectors, ONS serves as a catalyst for collaboration and innovation. As the world focuses on offshore wind development and interdisciplinary energy projects, ONS 2024 holds tremendous potential to shape the energy agenda and foster meaningful dialogue.” 

 Together, industry leaders, stakeholders, and authorities can unlock the full potential of ONS, creating a sustainable future powered by renewable energy

Offshore Wind Committee members