Shaping a Future-Focused Energy & Society Programme

The ONS Energy & Society Committee is up and running and dedicated to crafting an impactful programme for ONS Centre Court and ONS+ downtown Stavanger next year.

Gine Wang-Reese chairs the ONS Energy & Society Committee. The committee is responsible for developing the programme for ONS Centre Court and ONS+ downtown in August 2024. The picture is from High Wind 2023, where Wang-Reese moderated the conference. Photo: Amund Janssen

“Our ambition is to organize a programme that captures trends and issues relevant for the ‘energy society’ in 2024,” says Gine Wang-Reese, Chari of the Energy 6 Society Committee at ONS.

She is the EVP for Public Affairs and Sustainability at DNB, and has a long background from the energy industry. It is the second time she chairs the committee, and she has a solid group of thought leaders and experts from the energy industry, political life and beyond. The focus is on the evolving energy landscape and the transition to a net-zero future

Challenge established perspectives

Wang-Reese emphasized ONS as a unique arena for industry representatives, clients, and stakeholders to meet. For the next main event in August 2024, the committee aspires to capture relevant trends and issues, such as energy security, market volatility, and the need for a net-zero future. They seek to challenge established perspectives and foster imaginative discussions with solutions-oriented panelists and participants.

“I’ve had the pleasure of attending ONS numerous times. It’s a great arena for meeting with industry representatives, clients, and stakeholders,” said Gine Wang-Reese.

Collaboration and imagination

DNB, a proud partner of ONS, prioritizes engagement with the industry, clients, and stakeholders to support the energy transition. Wang-Reese highlighted the company’s in-depth knowledge of ocean industry value chains, positioning them to understand client challenges and opportunities. ONS serves as a vital platform for shaping the future of energy through discussions and collaborations.

Looking ahead to ONS 2024, Wang-Reese expressed her hopes for a forward-looking programme that addresses the multiple challenges in the energy sector. Collaboration and imagination will be crucial in navigating uncertainties.

The committee’s dedication to shaping such a programme reflects their commitment to driving positive change.

From the first meeting in the Energy & Society committee.

Meet the whole comittee: