Setting new world speed record with “Tesla-boat” at ONS 2022

That is the plan for EVOY-boss Leif A. Stavøstrand when he arrives in Stavanger and ONS to show off the worlds fastest electrical boat motor. The motor is developed in Florø and is sold all over the globe.

Inviting Elon Musk to join

EVOY is now challenging Tesla’s Elon Musk to join the world record trial, in a short film they are sharing on Twitter (check it out above).

“Our goal is to get Musk’s attention and we hope it will trigger him to join us in the world record trial with our EVOY electrical boat motor when he visits Stavanger. Batteries on shore is his thing, batteries at sea are our thing,” states Stavøstrand.

60+ knots to set world record

The EVOY motor can deliver up to 800 horse powers with a possible speed of over 60 knots, or over 100 kilometer per hour. That is also the target for the world record trial in Stavanger. Previous records is 51 knots. In addition, the motor is practically silent. Still the EVOY team is hoping for a bit of noise when they arrive at ONS to show case the boat motor of the future.

To set a new world record they need to go at full speed for 1000 meters times two, where the speed is over 60 knots.

The EVOY motor is fully electric, has zero emissions, little noise, and strong powers. The range depends on speed, boat, weight, and sea conditions. Generally speaking, you can expect 30 nautical miles on full plane speed. With calm 5 knots speed the battery lasts 12 hours.

Infrastructure for commercial charging in the works

Charging happens in dock. 90 percent of boating is locally and the battery is fully capable for day tripping. Only 10 percent of us are doing longer trips along the coast and will need charging away from home, where more infrastructure is needed. EVOY are working with partners in Norway and internationally to secure that.

EVOY’s market is both leisure and professional, and the el-motor fits all types of boats. It can be digitally monitored so you always know capacity, powers and charging needs.

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