Searching for the leapfrog: Solar power in space and quantum computing

Professor Christoph H. Loch, Professor Maria Strømme and William Vass on the stage at ONS 2022.

What are the technologies that will make us leapfrog into the future? To really explore the potential in the energy system, and to do it all without increasing emissions? 

To leapfrog is according to Cambridge Dictionary to “improve your position by going past other people quickly or by missing out some stages”. In the session “Searching for the leapfrog” from ONS 2022, a range of innovators and scientist explored how and if that is possible, and if the solutions are out there.

Because, what are the new potentials in the energy system? 

The energy industry has been producing oil and gas in the same system for decades, while innovation and technologies have disrupted industries and transformed the global economy.  This session asks the questions; Which technologies could disrupt the way we produce, distribute and/or consume energy? and; What breakthrough technologies have the potential to leap us to a sustainable future?

Keywords are quantum computing, de-aging, cooling clothes and solar power on your kitchen windows. Watch the panel discussion exploring the leapfrog below, our download as podcast.

The panel

Kimberly Mathisen

Kimberly Mathisen is the CEO of  the HUB Ocean Foundation. She har previously held the role as CEO of Microsoft Norway, CEO of Lilleborg and has more than 20 years of experience in digitalization and technology.

Christoph H. Loch

Christoph H. Loch is a Professor of Operations & Technology Management at Cambridge Judge Business School. His focus has been on management of innovation in organisations and project management. 

Maria Strømme

Dr. Strømme is Professor of Nanotechnology at Uppsala University where she is heading a research department developing nanomaterials for biotechnology applications and energy storage. 

William Vass

Bill Vass is Vice President of Engineering at Amazon Web Services. In this role, Bill oversees more than 42 cloud and edge technologies that allow AWS’ customers to store, analyze, manage, and retrieve information quickly and efficiently. 

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