Scale up and branch out at ONS 2022

Investors, scale-ups, operators, renewable and low carbon players all come together at the leading energy meeting place, ONS 2022. Why? Because finance, technology, and the net-zero ambitions are key factors as the energy industry moves forward.

We kick off the Holidays with a glimpse into our new ONS 2022 venues. Here, scale-ups meet the energy capital, and renewable and low carbon energy solutions find their use and markets. We scale it up and branch out.

We are excited to plan ONS 2022, and both the conference programme and exhibition are filling up. We have insightful and aspirational speakers and exciting companies. Among new and exciting things happening, ONS is happy to announce a new Scale-up venue. Here, we combine venture capital, scale-up companies, and innovators – right in the midst of our world leading exhibition.  

“We look forward to welcome scale-up and start-up companies into an arena where all the major energy operators and suppliers already flourish. We will set the stage to connect capital and competence, growth aspirations and technology, and make it part of the full energy picture you only find at ONS”, says CEO Leif Johan Sevland.

Driving the transition

The ONS backyard, the North Sea, is home ground for much of the technology, projects, and the companies well underway in driving the energy transition. At the nine different conference venues different perspectives will come to life through debates, talks and high-level presentations.  Among those is our new initiative the ONS Net Zero Markets.

Here we get down-to-business and explore market indicators and opportunities for a growing spectrum of renewable and low carbon solutions. A total of five new programme committees dedicated to hydrogen, CCS, offshore wind, batteries, and solar energy are working on the programme. As a result you will get a market-oriented and engaging conference.

“Technology is leading the way in the energy transition. We’re thrilled to be able to gather all the players, companies, decision makers and ultimately the solutions and business opportunities under one roof. As we are about to enter a “ONS year”, I can promise lots of new and exciting speakers, content, and collaborations are already lined up ready to be announced”, Sevland adds.

ONS 2022 will take place in Stavanger, Norway from 29 August- 1 September 2022.

Leif Johan Sevland, President & CEO ONS Foundation

“I can promise lots of new and exciting speakers, content and collaborations as we prepare for ONS 2022.”