ONS + Norwegian Cancer Society: Because health matters in the energy transition

ONS is proud to collaborate with the Norwegian Cancer Society and look forward to create awareness in the energy industry. “Cancer affects us all, and we hope this collaboration will give us all a better understanding and insight,” says project manager in ONS, Tonje Skålevik.

If you visited ONS in 2022 you could see the Norwegian cancer Society and their stand both at the exhibition area and downtown at night. The goal was to create awareness about the many activities and offers the organization has to offer people with or affected with cancer. For ONS it was the start of a good collaboration with meaning, and just the start of something bigger.

“We know that most of us will be affected by cancer throughout our lives, and I think we all need a reminder now and then on why to take care of our health. We know there is great energy in good health, and therefore it makes great sense for us to establish and build further on our collaboration with the Norwegian Cancer Society”, says Leif Johan Sevland, CEO of ONS.

Learn more about The Norwegian Cancer Society here.

Life-saving knowledge

The Norwegian Cancer Society (NCS) is one of the largest organisations in Norway with their 135 000 members. The organization represents the voices of those affected by cancer and have 27 000 volunteers and 190 employees.

“We truly appreciate our collaboration with ONS, and we believe our work together will make it possible to reach more people with preventive and life-saving knowledge. We hope to show people that we are here for them, and we run fundraising efforts to increase cancer research that saves lives,” says Ingrid Stenstadvold Ross, General Secretary of the Norwegian Cancer Society.

The collaboration will run throughout the year, and you will therefore see ONS and Norwegian cancer Society take part in each other’s events, and support in other ways. As we close in on ONS 2024, the organization will also be highly visible both downtown Stavanger and at the exhibition area at Stavanger forum.

“We want to work together to spread information and awareness about different activities initiated by both The Norwegian Cancer Society and ONS, and we truly appreciate the possibility to contribute to the cancer awareness effort,” says Skålevik

Ross adds;

“We fight cancer locally, nationally and globally. Through research and preventive measures, information, support, advice and lobbying. We believe us working together will help people affected by cancer to have a better life.

Tonje Skålevik, ONS
Leif Johan Sevland, ONS
Ingrid S. Ross, The Norwegian Cancer Society
Watch some of the highlights from the first ONS and Norwegian Cancer Society collaboration in 2022: