ONS Innovation Awards 2020 – see the finalists

Here are the nominees for ONS 2020 Innovation Awards. Five candidates are nominated for each category.

The jury received a total of 78 applicants from 11 different countries for this year’s ONS Innovation Awards. Here are the finalists:

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Northern Lights Project – The Northern Lights project is an open access transport and storage infrastructure for CO2. By creating a value chain with flexibility to receive CO2 from anywhere in Europe, the project is unique in offering a solution to industries with an ambitious target for CO2 reduction from their business. Northern Lights is a collaboration between Equinor, Shell and Total, and part of the Norwegian full-scale CCS project.

ABB – Subsea power – The use of subsea processing equipment, which maintains, increases and speeds up oil and gas production, is now more and more widespread on offshore subsea oil and gas field developments. Further, there is a strong drive for electrification of offshore fields, both subsea and topside installations, to lower emissions. To meet the technical challenges of these developments, subsea transmission, distribution and conversion electrical equipment are developed through the ABB Subsea Power JIP where ABB, Equinor, Chevron and Total are partners. In 2013, ABB and its Joint Industrial Partners, Equinor, Total and Chevron, began an expansive project to design and test a complete subsea electrification solution for the oil and gas industry. To enable operations at remote locations in ultra-deep waters ABB developed modular equipment – components and assemblies – that integrate to form a subsea electrification system.

Schlumberger Ora Intelligent wireline formation testing platform- Traditional formation testing involves siloed workflows with data integrated only days or weeks after the job, potentially resulting in regrets and loss of data value. Furthermore, formation testing is simply not possible in an increasing number of challenging reservoir conditions. To resolve these challenges, Schlumberger has introduced the Ora intelligent wireline formation testing platform. The Ora platform is the industry’s first integration of downhole digital hardware and cloud-native software, which comprises intelligent planning, operations control, and contextual insights. Operators can now efficiently and more safely evaluate their reservoirs—even in conditions previously impossible to assess—and all data is provided in reservoir context and in real time, enabling faster, better decision making.

ChampionX – Excelceor is an innovative polymer flood technology that reduces the risks associated with polymer injection for Enhanced Oil Recovery offshore. Polymer flooding has long been deployed as a way to improve waterflood sweep efficiency, at least onshore. Adding polymer to the injected water increases the viscosity of the waterflood, thereby reducing the ease at which the water can travel through the reservoir or reduces its ‘mobility’. The high mobility of the water can cause it to ‘finger’ or bypass through the more viscous, less mobile oil leaving large quantities of hydrocarbons trapped in the reservoir. By matching the mobility of the oil, more of the trapped oil can be ‘swept’ to the producer.

Welltec – The Welltec Annular Isolation (WAI) sleeve pushes the boundaries of Metal Expandable Annular Sealing technology, allowing the deployment of cementless completions in open hole. The WAI uses multiple metal expandable packers to provide long length open hole zonal isolation to replace the functions of traditional cement, leading to significant gains in efficiency in the overall well construction process. It significantly reduces the free annulus space between the liner/casing and the open hole, which can be beneficial in highly layered reservoirs of varying permeability where selective production, stimulation or water shut off is required.

SME Category: (small and medium-sized enterprises)

Blue Logic AS- open-standard subsea docking stations (SDS),  Blue Logic’s goal is to help the oil and gas industry to completely reinvent the way it performs subsea operations. The development of open-standard subsea docking stations (SDS), permanently installed on the seabed, will enable any type of subsea vehicle to dock, recharge, download data and upload new mission plans, de-coupling the underwater drone from the manned surface vessel for the first time. The SDS’s development was enabled using contactless, two-way inductive subsea charging and communications technology for subsea vehicles to recharge and share data. It guides the drones to locate the docking station, using the harmless magnetic field they naturally emit.

IK Group – AOGV (Add On Gate Valve). Safely maximizing uptime and securing revenue stream is a key goal for operators. A major hurdle to achieve this is how to perform isolation and gas freeing without shutting down. Process equipment regularly need maintenance, and this often requires shutting down production. A new method has been developed which can isolate live flanges and valves without draining and gas freeing inventory. The AOGV is a faster, more effective way to positively isolate process equipment whilst keeping the system live.

Empig AS- Always Clean Cooler System (ACS). Empig AS develops flow assurance technology with longer production reach and lower break-even costs. This is done without the use of injection chemicals or heated- and thermally insulated pipes. The core technology is a subsea system for cooling and stabilization of the wellstream from a reservoir, with no potential for wax or hydrate formation downstream. Empig achieves a cold-flow production regime. In the heart of the system is an Always Clean Cooler System (ACS), a compact cooler unit, where warm hydrocarbons flowing from the reservoir are cooled below WAT/HAT (wax appearance and hydrate equilibrium temperature). All wax and hydrate particles are processed (solidified) and handled in the cooler unit.

Amphibious Energy – The Energy Pod. Amphibious Energy has developed a transportable, autonomous energy container – the EnergyPod. The EnergyPod is a compact, wind- and solar-driven electrical generator that is durable, safe, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly. This makes it an attractive alternative to diesel generators. Supporting the late life cycle of an asset, the autonomous EnergyPod provides continuous as well as peak load for all vital systems onboard the unmanned platform during the safe-making and disassembly process.

Innowell Solutions – The Density Activated Recovery (DAR) is a unique and high impact technology. It is a tool in the lower completion of a producer that utilizes fluid density of reservoir fluids (water/oil/gas) to detect and automatically shut off unwanted inflow from the reservoir to the wellbore, e.g. to avoid water or gas breakthrough. It is the only known technology that concurrently provides positive contribution on volume, cost and low carbon.

The winners of each category will be announced during Digital ONS 2020 Tuesday 1 September. See Digital ONS 2020 on www.ons.no