ONS strengthens focus on energy security in Munich

Energy is now a permanent feature of Europe’s security concern and therefore the ONS Foundation sees great value in being part of the Munich Security Conference this week.
From The ONS and MSC Summit at ONS 2022 in Stavanger, Norway.

“We appreciate our strategic partnership with Munich Security Conference (MSC), and the last year has truly shown us how close-knit energy and security are”, says Programme Director at ONS, Benedicte Økland.


Together with ONS CEO and President Leif Johan Sevland she will attend the the unparalleled platform for high-level debates on the key foreign and security policy challenges of our time, The 59th Munich Security Conference (MSC) at the Hotel Bayerischer Hof in Munich, 17-19 February.


“MSC has long been a trusted partner in gathering high-level decision makers and energy industry at the ONS Summit, and we look forward to our joint roundtable in Munich in connection with the conference”, adds Sevland.

Benedicte Økland, Programme Director, ONS Foundation
Strategic partnership

To strengthen ONS as a global energy forum the ONS Foundation (ONS) partner-up with world leading companies, organizations, and institutions to bring the best and brightest to inspire and challenge the energy industry. ONS and MSC has been strategic partners for many years, and as a part of the partnership ONS and MSC will be hosting a roundtable on the topic Friday February 17.

“Together we will be discussing how to ensure energy security in a time of transition and explore how to address the new geopolitical vulnerabilities emerging with the shift to renewables”, explains Økland.

The Conference takes place almost to the date one year after Russia’s full-blown invasion of Ukraine, an invasion that truly pushed the world into an unrecendented energy crisis. This will be one of the main topics for discussion and dialogue at the Conference.

ONS and energy security

During the last decade ONS has increasingly hoisted energy security to the top of the agenda at the biannual ONS Conference. This has been a main priority and has shown itself to be relevant on a whole different level than before these last months.
As part of the energy security agenda at the ONS Conference in August 2022, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, spoke to the audience at the Opening Ceremony.

“It was an honour for us to have the Ukrainian President speak to our audience, and it really shows how connected energy and security are”, says Økland.

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From The ONS Opening Ceremony