Norway and India come together on energy

A whole range of Norwegian energy industry actors and the Norwegian minister of Climate are headlining the Indian World Energy Policy Summit. Why? Energy security and collaboration are keywords.
From the last physical version of World Energy Policy Summit. From left Liv Hoem, DNV, Carrie Lockhart, Equinor, Bredo Erichsen, Norway India Chamber of Commerce, and Leif Johan Sevland, ONS.

“Norway manages to strike an important balance when it comes to energy security and the climate issues. This is an inspiration for countries such as India,” says Narendra Taneja.

What does an energy surplus country with a few million inhabitants high up north have to learn and share with India? An energy deficit country with a billion people and temperatures the Norwegians can only dream of.

“That is a good question!”, Narendra Taneja, leader of the World Energy Policy Summit says.

He points to a few things;

  • India is the world’s fastest growing energy markets. Both oil, gas and renewable energy is growing fast.
  • Norway’s technology and competence from all of these areas are very attractive.
  • The balance between acknowledging climate change and the need to do something, with technology optimism and a solution focused mindset.

See the highlights digitally

Under normal conditions participants from Norway and several other countries would be in India to take part of the discussions. Due to the pandemic the conference is digital this year, which fortunately for the international audience makes it more readily available.

“We are lucky to have distinguished guests such as the Norwegian Minister of Climate and Environment, Espen Barth Eide, industry frontrunners such as Remi Eriksen, CEO of DNV and Christian Rynning-Tønnesen, CEO of Statkraft. In addition, I was lucky to have a great discussion with Irene Rummelhoff, EVP Marketing, Midstream & Processing, Equinor. We explored some of the possibilities lying ahead, and the synergies of working together,” Taneja adds.

“ONS is proud to collaborate with conferences such as WEPS. It gives us both insight into topics and networks of key decisions-makers, industry players and thought leaders. It has never been a more crucial time to have global leadership and a good energy security policy in place,” says Leif Johan Sevland, CEO & President of the ONS Foundation.

We are happy to share some of the discussions where ONS and WEPS have collaborated to make sure the Norwegian energy insight and knowledge is shared with a very exciting market.