Net Zero Markets

Coming to ONS 2022- Net Zero Markets!

Net Zero Markets is our venue for low-carbon and renewable energy companies and organizations. As the world gets closer to a net zero future and the energy markets change rapidly, Net Zero Markets at ONS 2022 will set the agenda to provide the best technological insights, networking arena and business opportunities for the renewable energy industry. It will be an unique opportunity to share your ventures and see what others in the industry are doing to promote and create cleaner energy.

On the road to the net-zero society we will need a whole range of different technologies and solutions. Both renewable energy, powerful energy carriers and storage solutions such as hydrogen and batteries in addition to carbon capture and storage, will be crucial. To better be able to explore solutions across industries and geographies we invite to our venue ONS Net Zero Markets.

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To provide you with the best insight, business opportunities and knowledge we have help from a whole range of industrial players and thinkers across five different core areas:

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Programme for Net Zero Markets

The Net Zero Markets conference programme will be filled all day from Monday through Thursday with exciting topics, speaker and industry presentations. 

On Monday the topics will primarily be on the development and future of the core areas of net zero markets – Offshore wind, hydrogen, ccs, solar energy and battery/energy storage. On Tuesday the overall theme will be the renewable/low-carbon market and the finance of net zero energy globally, nationally and in Europe. Wednesday’s programme will cover innovation, possible solutions to current low-carbon/renewable issues and technology/technical aspects of the Net Zero Markets. The last day, Thursday, will circle back to our core net zero areas, but a more detailed programme is TBA.

The 5 core areas of Net Zero Markets

Offshore wind

We already see great projects in the North Sea and across the globe where the sharing of knowledge from other parts of the energy industry are being used. An exciting industry about to mature, and with a whole range of different technical solutions and concepts.


The powerful energy carrier that only emit water when combusted. We see many different projects and concepts where hydrogen plays a key role together with natural gas, hydro power and carbon capture.

Carbon capture and storage

With the Norwegian Longship project of carbon capture, transport and storage, the North Sea is truly emerging as a laboratory for a full- and large-scale value and supply chain for carbon capture and storage. We take the pulse on this and the many other global projects to come and look at CCS in the bigger picture.

Solar energy

Solar energy is not only unique in its very accessible technology, but the larger energy industry has also started to embrace the possibilities solar energy can provide offshore, in construction and as a major part of the net zero reality.

Batteries/energy storage

Both on ships, in electric vehicles and as the trusted supplier of energy security from wind and other renewables – batteries and other types of energy storage will ensure reliability of renewable energy supply. An important piece of the net zero future, and of the ONS 2022 content.

As all parts of ONS, we are in close cooperation with the industry, think tanks, decision-makers and academia to plan and organize all our venues and programmes. For the Net Zero Markets we wanted to make sure that all of our core areas were well represented to make the best event possible. Five new committees have been created for this years ONS and the Net Zero Markets. See our full committee structure here and see if you can find someone you know.