The energy transition is here – no Clean Energy Park at ONS

A leading energy meeting place has never been a more accurate label when defining ONS, particularly when we see how renewable and clean energy players are taking part in creating this year´s conference and exhibition. Therefore we will have no Clean Energy Park at ONS 2022.

  • The long-standing strategic priority of including and integrating renewable energy has given results – an increased number of new energy players are part of ONS 2022.
  • No hard lines or segregation in the exhibition between new energy and fossil energy – companies are transitioning and adapting across energy sources.
  • Five new renewable and low carbon energy committees are working on truly broadening the energy focus of ONS 2022.

Designated area for clean and renewable energy

Already at ONS 2008 clean and renewable energy was showcased at the ONS exhibition through a designated area and in the conference programme. But things have sped up significantly since then, and much thanks to the founding partners and exhibitors of the Clean Energy Park ONS has established a solid foundation for new energy companies and markets. 

«This year we see renewable energy permeate the exhibition in a way we have not seen before. A whole range of new companies have entered the scene, but also companies from the traditional oil industry have adapted and changed accordingly to the net-zero ambitions and the technology opportunities. This is exciting and proves the industry itself is on top of the energy transition», Leif Johan Sevland, CEO and President of ONS says. 

Net Zero is the common goal

Together with five new committees within renewable and low carbon energy; hydrogen, CCS, offshore wind, batteries and solar, ONS has broadened the network both with regards to programme work and the exhibition.  As a result, a whole conference arena will be designated to net-zero business and market opportunities. This will give a more complete picture of the energy industry together with the conference, Centre Court, and Technical Sessions.

See our first confirmed speakers here.  

The frontrunners in low carbon and renewable energy will be found closer to the Net Zero Markets arena and Centre Court, but there will be no hard line between petroleum and renewables, because there are none for many of the energy companies. 

«We clearly see and experience that a large majority of our customers are heavily involved in the entire energy mix and especially those from the supply sector that are involved in several different segments within energy.  Dividing the exhibition into different segments or dedicated halls would be very difficult and would limit our customer’s base for networking and business», Sevland adds.