Financing the energy transition

How we finance the energy transition will be one of the major obstacles going forward. Much will come from private investors and institutions, but how will they find the attractive projects for the future?

Throughout the years ONS has been a meeting place for projects, clients, employers, and everyone interested in learning more and enter into commercial agreements with new and old companies in the energy business.

But financing the energy transition is about more than the individual contracts, it is about where the capital moves. ONS has therefore partnered up with Formue, a leading company in the Nordic region for independent holistic advisory services for private capital and family ownership.

“For ONS this is a natural partnership. Private capital and capital movements will be elevated on the agenda at both the ONS Conference, at arenas such as ONS Net Zero Markets and of course our brand-new venue, Scale-ups,” explains Jon Are Rørtveit, Vice President and Commercial Director at ONS.

Finance at the Conference and Scale-Ups venue 

At the ONS Conference the speakers will dive deep into the role of private capital in the energy transition, and how the banks and capital markets are viewing the funding of oil and gas versus energy transition strategies. Among confirmed speakers are Steve Westly from the Westly Group, Katie Jackson from Shell and Aniket Shah from Jeffries International. 

But for the nitty gritty business talk and actual investments the Scale-ups venue is the place to be for both private equity, private investors, and corporate venture capital. This arena is brand new to ONS and it will be a place for start-ups and scale-up ventures to promote themselves and their products to the broad energy industry. The possibilities for investments, partnerships or sales are limitless here. The companies at the scale-up arena are incredibly diverse, ranging from tech, production, IT and much more.

Sustainable ownership to fuel the energy transition

Many of Formue’s clients have created their values from start-ups and scale-ups. Through Formues investment platform they get access to multiple exclusive private equity-funds investing in venture, growth (Scale-ups) and buy-out. In this way Formue provide an efficient way for entrepreneurs to finance next generation companies in line with a sustainable investment strategy adjusted for the change in society.  

You can read more about Scale-Ups here.

Formue has recently established Nordic Sustainable Ownership Center. Through competent advising combined with smart digital solutions Formue will help clients to enhance the awareness of ownership and responsibility, whether through financial investments, consumer behavior, or corporate governance to accelerate the transition to meet the United Nations sustainability goals. 

Read more about sustainable ownership here (in Norwegian).

Here are the main topics FORMUE highlights in planning sustainable ownership in English: 

1. Family ownership and how the transfer to new generations are planned and managed.
2. Corporate counseling on how to secure a solid sustainable practice in private companies. Eg. Net Zero targets.
3. ESG investments – especially with focus on impact and energy transition.

Phillip Mitchell, Sustainability Expert, Formue