240 international energy experts from 14 countries are working to shape a world class programme for ONS 2024.

The committees are representing a historically broad energy sector to reinforce ONS` ambition to play an active role in achieving a low carbon future.

ONS 2024 Committees and their energy experts

– ONS has a long tradition in attracting key people from the energy industry to carve out the best possible programme. Almost 50% of the 11 committees for next year`s ONS represents renewable and low carbon energy solutions, says Leif Johan Sevland, President and CEO of ONS Foundation.

Committees for ONS 2024

  • International Advisory Board
  • Conference
  • Communication
  • Technical
  • Energy Society
  • Scale-ups
  • Young
  • Offshore Wind
  • Energy Storage/ Battery
  • Solar Energy
  • CCUS
  • Hydrogen
  • Innovation jury

ONS is one of the worlds’ most important meeting places for the energy industry. Since 2008, the ONS Foundation has developed and extended their renewable energy programme.

– ONS was an early mover in introducing renewables to the agenda. We´ve been around since the oil and gas adventures started in the early seventies. 50 years later, we´re embracing the energy transition in full. Oil and gas will be around for many decades to come and is still the backbone of our event. However, the representation from offshore wind, battery and storage, CCS, hydrogen and solar energy have never been bigger.

ONS 2024 Committee leaders

Conference Committee

Communication Committee

Technical Committee

Energy Society Committee

Offshore Wind Committee

Hydrogen Committee

Solar Energy Committee

Battery Committee

CCUS Committee

Young Committee

Scale-ups Committee

Innovation Award Jury - ONS 2024