Blue Logic – from innovation towards market

One year after receiving the ONS Innovation Award SME category: Increased interest internationally, and ongoing testing by major companies.
  • Expanding technology to other areas
  • Majors testing the technology to make permanent deployment of subsea drones possible on a larger scale.
  • Setting the standards for the industry.

“Receiving the ONS Innovation Award has put our innovation on the map”, says Helge Sverre Eide, Business Manager and Co-founder of Blue Logic.

In 2020, Blue Logic won the Innovation Award SME (Small and medium sized enterprises) category for their seabed installed universal docking station for drones.
The docking station enables underwater vehicles or drones to be permanently deployed subsea by providing access to power for charging and communications for upload/download of inspection and assignment data.

Attractive player

“The Innovation Award has provided TRUST in our technology, and we have received a lot of interest from companies world-wide”, says Sverre Helge Eide. “Now the companies are contacting us to test our innovation – and not the other way around”. He explains that companies such as Equinor, Saab, Oceaneering, Saipem and Houston Mechatronics currently are testing their docking station.

The next step for Blue Logic is that the energy industry starts using their docking stations. “We are now participating in writing the standards for how drones shall be charged in the future”, Eide explains and adds that it takes time to get the market – the drone companies – to move into operations with the universal docking station.

“As first movers within this area we have the opportunity to put Norway on the map when it comes to using new subsea technology” Eide adds. “In this business we say that there are no frontiers below the sea surface. Technology that are being used in the North Sea will rapidly expand to new markets.”

Blue Logic is not only operating below the sea surface. Currently they are expanding their technology to other areas. “We want to take part in the energy transition”, Eide says enthusiastically. “Our technology can easily be transferred to other areas where it can contribute to reduced emissions.”
At this moment their technology is being considered for autonomous ferries in the collaboration project ZAWAS (Zero-emission Automated/autonomous Water Shuttles) in Trondheim. Earlier this year, a pilot project to create and place docking stations for electrical kick bikes was entered into with the municipality of Sandnes.

Blue Logic Innovation Award
What is Blue Logic’s technology?
  • Underwater charging and communication station for subsea drones and vehicles.
  • Considered for autonomous ferries
  • Technology used in pilot project for docking stations for electrical kick bikes