Addressing future energy

ONS 2020 Goes Digital portray a series of interviews, not least with prolific global energy thinkers who addresses several aspect of the energy future. Listen in to their sequences on how we can secure more clean energy, how to broaden the access of it, how sustainable finance will fuel the energy transition, corporate transformation and the future of work.

Michael Liebreich is the founder of Liebreich Associates and Bloomberg Energy Finance, and is a leading global expert on clean energy and transportation, smart infrastructure, technology, climate finance and sustainable development. On Monday 31. August at 1pm you hear him present his thoughts on how the rapid changes are rising from the energy transition and its major effects on the financial markets.

Access to clean, affordable and reliable energy is a huge global problem to solve. Mr. Ramez Naam, Co-chair Energy and Environment, Singularity University is working on how to solve the grand challenges of humanity using disruptive technologies. Please listen in to our opening programme starting on 31. August at 11pm to learn more from Mr. Naam.

Look around you and imagine not having access to energy for cooking, lighting, heating and other essentials. Dr. Scott Tinker, Chairman in Switch Energy Alliance explain to us that this is normal life for around on third of the people on the planet. We call it energy poverty. Many even suffer severe healthy issues caused by the energy sources they rely on. Dr. Tinker and the Switch Energy Alliance are dedicated to creating an objective energy-educated future. On Monday 31. August at 2:40pm you hear him elaborate around energy poverty and a sustainable transition: Dilemma or opportunity?

And, don’t miss out on our sequence with Mr. John Hagel  He will talk about corporate transformation and the future of work. Mr. Hagel is co-chair for Platform and Systems at the World Economic Forum, and serves at the Faculty on Corporate Innovation at the Singularity University. He’s also co-founder Centre for the Edge in Deloitte.

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